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Most People  (Tilbury House)  --Published 2017--
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New Release 

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Michael Leannah

                                  The greatest joy in writing is in

                           showing young people the joy in writing.

"I didn't get enough." We don't like those words from a selfish kid on Christmas morning or from an adult looking back on a business deal. But those words -- "I didn't get enough" -- have guided me through my life as a teacher, a father, a writer.

As a kid, I loved school rooms and libraries so much that when my school days came to an end, what did I do? I became a teacher and spent more than thirty years working in classrooms and libraries. And now I live in a house with dozens of little reading corners and shelves and shelves of books.

The books in my childhood home were mostly hand-me-downs from older siblings: Uncle Wiggily stories, Golden Books, animal stories attributed to the mysterious Watty Piper.

By childhood's end, "I didn't get enough" of those books, so I read them to my students and to my own children. But I am not a teacher anymore, and my children are grown, so what do I do?


I now write children's stories of my own.


Will I ever get enough of books and learning and writing and reading? I don't know. Ask me when I'm 109. Maybe I'll know by then. 

Besides Most Days, Most People, and Goodnight Whispers, I have published Something for Everyone, the history of a Wisconsin department store chain, and Well!, a collection of essays on the life of comedian Jack Benny. My work has also been in magazines, such as Scholastic's Instructor, the Australian magazine Countdown, Highlights for Children, and Ladybug.

Another picture book is now in the works--in the hands of the illustrators.

I am the creator of We Think with Ink, a writing program for elementary and middle school students.


I grew up in Marinette, Wisconsin. I have a degree in elementary education from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a Master's degree in creative writing from the UW-Milwaukee.​

I keep a guitar next to me at my desk. When I need to take a break from my writing, I play a song or two, usually something in the style of Jorma Kaukonen. 

My Guitar

Then...back to work.

In the Press


 Goodnight Whispers...


"A dad-side complement to Love You Forever…where Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw’s mother’s helicopter tendencies achieved pathological status, this dad seems to support his daughter’s maturation."


--Kirkus Reviews

"Michael Leannah's words are an inspiration to all parents."


--Amazon review

 We Think with Ink...


"We Think With Ink is a glimpse into the world of master teacher Michael Leannah as he shares the amazing benefits of writing."


-- Dr. Ted DiStefano

"I wish We Think With Ink could be in every classroom. This book is astoundingly good."


-- Jill Esbaum, author

Most People...

"(The) simple reasoning is

 perfectly pitched for its young audience…Most People works especially well because it doesn’t just tell children to ‘be’ good. It shows them how to ‘do’ good."         


-- New York Times

"A warmhearted and positive book about the good in people, coming at a time when its message is much needed."


--Dr. Stephen Powers

Most Days...

"Most Days is all about taking the time to notice all the little things throughout our day that we so often take for granted. This book is the perfect introduction for young readers to the concept of mindfulness." 


--Devyn Douvier, Mutually Inclusive

"Guaranteed to help readers of all ages find wonder each day."


--Kirkus Reviews

News and Events


What a great time I had yesterday (April 21, 2022) teaching a class on the history of old-time radio at UWGB, as part of their Lifelong Learning Institute program. So many wonderful people were there. Interest in old radio is still alive--it was a full class with a long waiting list. Fun!


Again, Tennesse PBS, in promoting their program, "Starting with Sounds," featured a famous country singer reading one of my books, this time multiple-Grammy winner Jason Crabb reading Most Days. And he adds a few lines from "What a Wonderful World." What an honor!

Starting with Sounds: Jason Crabb


Most Days was selected by Kirkus for their list of  Top 100 Picture Books of 2021! It's also on their list of the year's Top Nine Best Picture Books Celebrating Community. Here are the lists:

2021 Top 100

2021 Top 9

How cool is this? It's singer/songwriter Kelly Lang reading Most People on Tennesse PBS, promoting a program called "Starting with Sounds." Answer: Very cool. 

Starting with Sounds: Kelly Lang

Most Days received a Kirkus starred review in January! See here: Kirkus

I went live on Tuesday, July 6, for the Familius Summer Reading Series, with  Goodnight Whispers and a writing activity. See it here: Writing Activity


My essay of on being a good dad: Dad Essay

Most People: winner of the 2017 Moonbeam Spirit Award in the category of Peacemaking.

I am honored to have Most People included on this list at the Huffington Post.

It's also nice to be on the CNN website, for Most People.

Check out the new "Dad's Attic" podcast. (I'm the dad.) On each program, my daughter Willa and I compare thoughts on topics related to pop culture--music, movies, TV, radio, books. You might find it interesting. Click on it here: Dad's Attic

I was interviewed on Tobi Ojekunle's excellent podcast "Mirror Talk." Based in Germany, Tobi's show features conversations about "love, life, spirituality, finance, relationships, personal growth and other relatable topics." I had such a good time with him. Hear it here: Mirror Talk


Something for Everyone: winner of the 2014 Midwest Independent Publishers Assn. Award--Midwest Regional: Text.​​

Regarding Something for Everyone, click here, then scroll down to the blue "Listen" button to hear my interview on the Lake Effect radio show from November of 2013. Thanks to WUWM in Milwaukee.

Also, learn more about the history of Wisconsin department stores here.

We Think with Ink is a book I put together during the last ten years of my teaching career. My dream of being a writing specialist at the elementary level never came to be, but this book is the phoenix that rose from those ashes. A companion book, the We Think with Ink Ideas Book, is now available, too.

How to say my name: 


Classroom Visits


With more than 30 years’ experience as a classroom teacher in elementary and middle schools, I am pleased to offer a number of programs for large and small groups. 

Contact Me


To schedule a visit or for any media inquiries, please contact Michael Leannah at:

Check out the new "Dad's Attic" podcast here: Dad's Attic

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