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Most People  (Tilbury House)  --Published 2017--

Michael Leannah   Writer   Teacher



 Goodnight Whispers...


"A dad-side complement to Love You Forever…where Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw’s mother’s helicopter tendencies achieved pathological status, this dad seems to support his daughter’s maturation."

--Kirkus Reviews

"Michael Leannah's words are an inspiration to all parents."

--Amazon review

Most People...

"(The) simple reasoning is

 perfectly pitched for its young audience…Most People works especially well because it doesn’t just tell children to ‘be’ good. It shows them how to ‘do’ good."   


-- New York Times

"A warmhearted and positive book about the good in people, coming at a time when its message is much needed."

--Dr. Stephen Powers

We Think with Ink...


"We Think With Ink is a glimpse into the world of master teacher Michael Leannah as he shares the amazing benefits of writing."


-- Dr. Ted DiStefano

"I wish We Think With Ink could be in every classroom. This book is astoundingly good."

-- Jill Esbaum, author



Honored to have Most People included on this list at the Huffington Post

Nice to be on the CNN website, for Most People

Most People: winner of the 2017 Moonbeam Spirit Award in the category of Peacemaking.

We Think with Ink, the first in a series of instruction books for writing teachers, is now available. I put this book together during the last ten years of my teaching career. My dream of being a writing specialist at the elementary level never came to be, but this book is the phoenix that rose from those ashes. We Think with Ink: The Ideas Book is coming next.

Click here, then scroll down to the blue "Listen" button to hear my interview on the Lake Effect radio show from November of 2013. Thanks to WUWM in Milwaukee.





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